Malpractice & Compensation

Medical Malpractice and Damages Compensation

Nowadays, medical-malpractice and damages are very popular subjects. Infact, medical activity inevitably involves the risk of medical errors – both diagnostic and executive – or hospital’s inefficiencies, which damage and sometimes destroy the physical integrity of an individual.

Health that has been lost, therefore. The unquestionable relevance of these events requires careful reflection on the issues of sanitary liability and compensation for personal injury. This is regardless of the crude and often inopportune simplifications of mass-media language (which does not hesitate to use convenient labels such as – in italian – “malasanità”).

PERSALUTE is a project created by Lawyers and Professionals with a high level of expertise in these issues, in order to offer a help and assistance.

The Medical-Malpractice Cases section contains information on some of the latest cases dealt with and resolved.

Legal assistance for victims of medical-malpractice or negligence of a health care provider

This section is reserved for patients who believe they have been damaged by wrong or omitted treatments and intend to seek compensation for medical errors.

With our help, you will be able to check whether the medical liability really exists under a legal point of view (not every bad medical outcome is due to negligence of a health care provider).

We will also proceed to identify the compensation you deserve to pay for medical bills, lost wages and other damages, and we will take the steps in order to recover it, both in and out of Court.

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Legal defense for Health Professionals improperly accused of malpractice

This section is dedicated to Medical Providers who are compelled to defend themselves against unfounded accusations of malpractice.

We provide the best representation in civil, criminal or disciplinary trials, for Practitioners or Nurses who have unjustly received a claim for compensation, an ethical complaint or – worse – a notice of investigation.

Unlike other organizations (legal or paralegal) operating in this field, our law firm is proud to be against every frivolous litigation (reprehensible practice of cultivating actions not supported by adequate medical-legal screening, related to futile damageses, or with purely speculative purposes).

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