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Chiarini Law Firm

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Professional Association

CHIARINI LAW FIRM is a Professional Association operating throughout Italy, with offices in Pesaro Urbino and Chieti, that has a team of Lawyers and highly qualified Professionals. We guarantee a high level of expertise in our respective areas of specialization, in order to manage and resolve matters in the shortest time possible and with the best result possible whatever the type of problem the Client is facing.

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Injury and Liability

PERSALUTE is a Project dedicated to compensation for personal damages by medical errors, in order to offer a place to meet, discuss and share the topic of medical responsibility, allowing victims and their families to get the right solace for any loss suffered resulting from misdiagnosis, wrong execution, or hospital’s inefficiency, as well as healthcare professionals to defend themselves against baseless charges of “malpractice”.

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Law, Economics and Surroundings

DEDIMPRESA is a Project created and developed by Professionals aware of the needs of the business world, in order to ensure the Client a unified and comprehensive service from both legal and economic perspectives. This is particularly dedicated to the planning and implementation of the recovery of uncollected receivables, as well as advice on employment law.

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“The foundations of an acquittal has to be built during the trial”
Avv. Giovanni Chiarini

“The compensatory protection of the right to health must be full and exhaustive”
Avv. Gabriele Chiarini

“Work is a right, but it is also a duty. A labor lawyer knows that”
Avv. Andrea Sisti

“The real priority of family law is safeguarding weak people”
Avv. Claudia Chiarini

Chiarini Law Firm

Chiarini Law Firm is a professional association with local roots and national vocation. Our branches are located in Pesaro Urbino and Chieti, but we operate throughout Italy with a team of Lawyers and highly qualified Professionals. We guarantee an excellent level of expertise in our respective areas of specialization thanks to the postgraduate qualifications achieved, significant experience gained in practicing law as well as teaching roles within university and externally.

Clients of the Firm – consisting of companies, individuals and institutions – can rely on specialized legal services, direct and personalized, as well as the traditional activities of assistance, consultation and defence representation in and out of Court.

All the professionals of the Studio use a multi-disciplinary approach with respect to each case handled and also use the most advanced and efficient technologies. This is in order to manage and resolve matters in the shortest time possible and with the best possible result, whatever the type of problem the Client is facing.

Our method

The organizational structure of the Chiarini Law Firm has been formalized in a dedicated internal manual, covering a consolidated modus operandi driven by effectiveness, efficiency and promptness, in order to ensure high quality professional services.

Particular attention is devoted to analysing the specifics of the case that the Client proposes. This allows us to be able to provide solutions that fit the client’s needs similar to when a dress is made to measure.

Client satisfaction on the benefits achieved is, after all, the main objective of every Professional in the firm. They are consistently committed to the fulfilment of the real main priority of each and every legal service: the outcome.


Our rules – Your guarantee

All Professionals of the Firm – aware of the ethical duty and responsibility that characterize the legal profession – adhere strictly to these ten fundamental rules:

  1. We are aware that the Client is an individual with unique needs and characteristics;
  2. We respect the dignity of the Client as a person, with their own rights and their specific difficulties;
  3. We want to listen in order to understand the reason for which the Client turns to us. We assume his problem is our problem;
  4. We intend to establish a direct relationship with the Client, based on a communicative and empathic relationship, strongly oriented towards his benefit;
  5. We commit our resources to professional updating and in depth studies, with the intent to provide efficient and effective services, suitable to solve specific problems;
  6. We hope that what the Client receives from us is something beyond expectation;
  7. We assist Client growth to maturity, showing him not only the objectives to be pursued but also the tools to be used for this purpose;
  8. We aim to provide easily accessible services to the Client, based on transparency, fairness and courtesy;
  9. We promote and support the ethics of the legal profession in every area of interest in which we operate;
  10. We believe that Customer satisfaction defines our real success.


Accuracy, efficiency and cordiality

Our Professionals customarily establish a direct relationship with the Client, based on a communicative and empathic relationship, in order to understand the reasons that caused him to turn to our Office.
The Firm is aware of the value of time, both for Clients and Professionals, and this promotes punctuality, reduction of waiting time and use of swift means of communication.
The Professionals ensure full availability and willingness to listen, mindful to promptly call back a Client who has not been able to contact them.

The Professionals who work within the Firm are highly competent in their respective areas of practice. This is thanks to the postgraduate qualifications achieved and teaching roles held within university and externally.
Each case is handled in a multi-disciplinary way and is assigned to a group of Professionals, who then carry out a joint analysis in order to assess relevant heterogeneous profiles.
For these reasons our legal service is timely, efficient and effective.


An alliance that is result orientated

The methodology used by our Professionals to develop a strategy to resolve cases is based on Client involvement. We present not only the objectives to be pursued, but also the tools that are to be used for this purpose and a comparative evaluation of the possible alternatives.
In carrying out each task, (both judicial and extra-judicial), the Firm provides the Client with constant information on new developments by regularly sending detailed updates.
The Firm ensures full transparency, for prior and post services provided and their costs.

Ensuring the privacy of our Clients is much more than a mere legal requirement; it is instead a paramount aim to pursue in establishing a trusting relationship as part of the mandate.
Our Professionals, therefore, do not just limit themselves to complying with the Code that concerns the protection of personal data as per italian legislative decree no. 196 of 2003, and EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (“GDPR”), but they also put a distinct effort in order to ensure that there is respect for freedom, dignity, privacy and the right for the personal identity of each Client to be protected.
Our Professionals in charge greedily guard all personal data – e.g. common, identifying, sensitive or judicial. This data is not disclosed to anyone and will only be used when necessary to enable us to carry out our assignment.


Your satisfaction is our real success

In order to ensure maximum transparency on our services and associated costs, the Firm tends to indicate to the Client in advance – even when there is not an outright request – of the estimated amount due for services performed. This is subject to the inevitable uncertainty faced regarding the duration of the litigation.

We offer the possibility of personalized remuneration options (e.g. lump sum payments for continual service, hourly rates). The rates used by the Firm conform to the parameters determined by the Ministerial Decree currently applicable.

In determining our fees, we take into account the nature and value of the dispute, the substance and number of matters involved, the virtue of the work we provide, any required urgency of the service and – for cases involving judicial services – the status of the competent court. The main benchmark is, however, defined by the results and benefits achieved, given that Client satisfaction is for us the best measure of the quality of our professional service.
The cost of our services in relation to Credit Protection can be found in the relevant section of the DEDIMPRESA Project.