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With a well-established reputation for excellence nationwide, CHIARINI | Law Firm is a benchmark in legal assistance and the protection of rights in the healthcare sector. We have achieved significant outcomes and successes in terms of compensation for medical liability in Italy.

The firm boasts recognized professional expertise in health law, particularly in the areas of medical malpractice, clinical risk, insurance, contracts, and employment in healthcare. Capable of resolving complex and high-profile cases, CHIARINI | Law Firm is committed to vigorously defending individual rights and promoting collective well-being, always prioritizing health protection.



A Central Value

Health is recognized as a crucial social right that the legal system aims to promote and protect. Defined by the WHO as not just the absence of illness, but a state of complete physical well-being and harmonious psychological balance, health is considered both a fundamental individual right and a communal interest. Within the complex regulatory framework that governs this matter, CHIARINI | Law Firm has recognized competence and validated experience to handle any issue related to health protection: from compensation for malpractice or medical errors to informed consent and living wills, from the regulation of vaccinations and transfusions to the protection of privacy in healthcare.


A Tool of Justice

Far more than just a set of rules, the law is the pillar on which fair and impartial justice is founded. Operating nationwide, CHIARINI | Law Firm can provide assistance and integrated services in the main subjects of legal science relevant in the healthcare sector. We are focused on medmal, clinical risk, health law, and compensation for medical liability, but also insurance, contracts, and labor law in healthcare. Our highly qualified lawyers and professionals excel in these specializations. We are a reliable and effective ally in supporting the client, in order to identify and implement effective and timely solutions. We work to provide concrete and measurable results. Most of the time, we succeed in this.


An Ethical Commitment

We address the complex and engaging issue of medical professional liability and compensation for personal injury from errors in healthcare with great diligence and seriousness, always considering the delicate ethical, personal, and deontological implications that arise. Our firm offers comprehensive legal assistance to patients and their families seeking compensation for inadequate healthcare. Additionally, we advise virtuous healthcare operators, enabling them to react and defend themselves – in civil, criminal, or disciplinary courts – from unfounded accusations. We combine incisive and successful legal strategies with a solid professional ethic, without compromise.

Our Team of Lawyers and Professionals

At CHIARINI | Law Firm, we firmly believe that the quality of the legal services we offer depends on the training and commitment of our lawyers. All professionals in our team boast high competence in their respective practice areas and constantly enhance their expertise by participating in seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Many of them have furthered their education through specialized degrees and have held teaching positions at both university and non-university levels. Through years of practice and specialization, our lawyers have acquired significant and consolidated experience, successfully assisting both patients and healthcare providers across a broad range of legal cases related to health law and medical malpractice disputes.

“Every client tells a unique story, a life marked by experience. This awareness drives us to fight for comprehensive and thorough compensation.”

“Defending the rights of healthcare workers also means promoting working standards that ensure the well-being and safety of patients.”

“Protecting the most vulnerable: it’s the essence of our profession, encompassing health, law, and responsibility.”

“In trial, every word counts: truth and justice are the beacons that guide us.”

Attorney Giovanni Chiarini

Giovanni Chiarini

Senior Partner | Founder

With thirty years of experience as an Officer of the Judicial Police in the Carabinieri Corps, Attorney Giovanni Chiarini has conducted major investigations into both organized crime and white-collar crime. He holds a degree in criminal procedural law and practices as a lawyer, specializing in criminal law and defense. He is authorized to practice before the Supreme Court of Appeal and other high courts.

In his practice, Giovanni Chiarini focuses primarily on substantive and procedural criminal law, with a particular emphasis on trial management. He has extensive experience in criminal defense investigations and has achieved significant success in defending healthcare professionals wrongly accused of malpractice.

Attorney Gabriele Chiarini

Gabriele Chiarini

Managing Partner

Attorney Gabriele Chiarini graduated magna cum laude in law in 2001 and completed a Ph.D. in civil law in 2007 at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”. He is a respected legal scholar and lecturer, with expertise in healthcare law and risk management. He holds a Master’s degree in healthcare law and has authored numerous publications in the field. He is authorized to practice before the Supreme Court of Appeal and other high courts.

Since passing the bar exam in 2004 with the highest score, Gabriele Chiarini has been practicing law, specializing in civil and commercial law, particularly medical malpractice. He has received accolades for his work in private contracts and hospital liability resulting from malpractice by medical professionals and errors in organization.

Attorney Claudia Chiarini

Claudia Chiarini

Managing Partner

Attorney Claudia Chiarini holds a law degree with top honors and is a qualified lawyer since 2001. She has extensive experience in civil law, family law, and medical malpractice compensation. She holds a Ph.D. in civil law and is authorized to practice before the Supreme Court of Appeal and other high courts.

In her legal practice, Claudia Chiarini focuses primarily on civil law, including medical malpractice compensation and family law. She offers expert legal counsel during marital conflicts and adeptly handles cases involving parental liability for failing to fulfill obligations toward their offspring.

Other Professionals, Consultants, and Associates

Every day, we commit with experience and determination to build a future where trust in the healthcare system and the defense of patient rights go hand in hand. If you need advanced support in health protection, CHIARINI | Law Firm is the right choice.

Are you ready for a preliminary evaluation of your case?

Timeliness can be crucial in legal matters. Take the first step now: begin the journey to protect your rights with the qualified assistance of CHIARINI | Law Firm!

CHIARINI | Law Firm focuses on medical malpractice, clinical risk, health law, medical liability, civil liability, healthcare employment, and personal injury compensation. Our professionals are highly qualified and have reached excellent levels of expertise in these specialties. We operate nationally, providing legal assistance and integrated services to identify and implement effective and timely solutions, aiming to achieve concrete and measurable results.

Our clients – including private individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions – can rely on specialized, direct, and personalized legal services, in addition to traditional legal support, consultancy, and defense in both litigious and non-litigious matters. All professionals at the firm use a multidisciplinary approach for each case and leverage the most advanced and efficient technologies to manage and resolve any legal issue our clients may face in our areas of operation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Main Practice Areas

Civil Law


CHIARINI | Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services in civil law, particularly focusing on medical and civil liability. Our expertise spans contract law, family and minors’ law, real estate, and succession law, offering comprehensive solutions to protect clients’ personal and property rights. Each case is approached with a bespoke strategy, ensuring high-level counsel and representation grounded in extensive civil law expertise.

Labor Law


In the healthcare sector, CHIARINI | Law Firm offers specialized services in labor law, union law, and social security law for healthcare facilities and staff. We handle disputes including layoffs, transfers, and worker health issues, and advise on contract issues between freelance and subordinate work. Our activities includes drafting contracts specific to healthcare settings and managing freelance contracts.

Insurance Law


CHIARINI | Law Firm leverages decades of experience in insurance law, providing consultancy on insurance policies, risk identification, coverage operations, and subrogation actions. We handle all areas of insurance law from life and accident policies to medical professional liability and general liability, managing both pre-litigation and litigation phases.

Criminal Law


Our legal team assists clients as defendants or victims in criminal law, notably in healthcare and corporate criminal law, and public administration offenses. We employ a multidisciplinary approach, working closely with experts across fields to ensure comprehensive legal defense, particularly in medical malpractice cases.

Health Law


CHIARINI | Law Firm is a leader in providing legal advice in health law, serving patients, healthcare facilities, and professionals. We manage legal aspects of healthcare operations including compliance, pharmaceutical law, and data protection, focusing on compliance with current regulations and effective communication within healthcare marketing.

Clinical Risk


We work with healthcare institutions to develop a safer healthcare system where clinical risk management is integrated into a culture of quality and transparency. CHIARINI | Law Firm advises on compliance with national and regional risk management regulations, offering services from legal audits to claims assessments and detailed reporting.

Civil Liability


Specializing in civil liability, CHIARINI | Law Firm handles compensation issues related to various accidents and manages relationships between the injured, the perpetrator, and insurers. We integrate medical and technical consultancy to accurately reconstruct incidents and assess damages, ensuring victims receive comprehensive and personalized protection.

Medical Liability


In medical liability, CHIARINI | Law Firm excels, supporting victims and their families to obtain fair compensation for damages due to medical errors or healthcare service failures. Our approach includes significant courtroom and extracurricular teaching contributions, focusing on obtaining compensation for nosocomial infections, organizational faults, informed consent issues, and other medical legal challenges.

Selected Results from Our Law Firm

Emergency Room Errors


A compensation of approximately 1.15 million was awarded to the family of the victim: this is the victorious outcome of a long and complex proceeding related to organizational deficiencies in the ER that led to the death of a young father.

Birth Injury Damages


A comprehensive settlement of 2 million euros was reached in a case managed by Attorney Gabriele Chiarini, related to severe brain injuries suffered by a newborn due to errors in the use of the obstetric vacuum.

Healthcare-Related Infections


Attorney Chiarini obtained a compensation of 930 thousand euros through a settlement during the trial for the relatives of a patient who died following complications from a hospital infection caused by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Health is that intangible something that people reluctantly spend little to retain, but will spend their last dime to regain, once they have lost it.

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We are an Italian law firm composed of lawyers and expert and qualified professionals, capable of offering legal assistance and integrated services at a high level of competence in the fields of health law, medical liability, clinical risk, labor in healthcare, and personal injury compensation. We intervene nationwide to resolve (almost) any legal issue in these thematic areas as quickly and effectively as possible.

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