Chiarini Law Firm

Professional Association

CHIARINI LAW FIRM is a Professional Association with offices in Pesaro Urbino and Chieti that has a team of Lawyers and highly qualified Professionals. We guarantee a high level of expertise in our respective areas of specialization, in order to manage and resolve matters in the shortest time possible and with the best result possible whatever the type of problem the Client is facing.

Persalute Project

Pregiudizi e Responsabilità

PERSALUTE is a Project dedicated to compensation for damages done to the person by medical errors, in order to offer a place to meet, discuss and share the topic of medical responsibility, allowing victims and their families to get the right solace for any loss suffered resulting from misdiagnosis, wrong execution, or hospital’s inefficiency, as well as healthcare professionals to defend themselves against baseless charges of “malpractice”.

Dedimpresa Project

Diritto, Economia e Dintorni

DEDIMPRESA is a Project created and developed by professionals aware of the needs of the business world, in order to ensure the Client a unified and comprehensive service from both legal and economic perspectives. This is particularly dedicated to the planning and implementation of the recovery of uncollected receivables, as well as advice on employment law.