Claims & compensation for a personal injury

Personal injuries compensation

Our Firm deals with compensation issues related to road accidents, professional, sports, nautical, private and workplace accidents, managing the relationship between the injured party, the responsible party and any insurance company, both in and out of court. The legal services are integrated with those of external technical consultants and doctors, in order to guarantee the exact reconstruction of the accident, as well as an objective quantification of the damages suffered by the injured party.

We have gained relevant experience in the management of claims relating to compensation for road traffic accident injuries. In this regard, we take care of guaranteeing victims to obtain adequate compensation for damage (property and non-property) suffered as a result of personal injury, mainly serious or very serious, or fatal accidents, supporting the client in all phases of the procedure: from the elaboration of the medico-legal advice, to the visit before the Insurance Company’s doctor, to the management of the out-of-court negotiation with the liquidator and – if necessary – to the recourse to the competent judicial authority. We also provide assistance for the settlement of the financial damage caused to the vehicle, as well as that from the so-called “technical stop”.

We have also successfully assisted numerous workers in the procedures related to compensation for accident at work claim, where they have been injured as a result of health and safety procedures not being followed. We help clients to get the recognition and liquidation of the so-called “differential damage”, that is to say the injury suffered by the victims of accidents at work that is not compensated by the National institute for insurance against industrial injuries (and is, therefore, equal to the difference between the indemnity paid by INAIL and the amount which is up to the worker in application of the traditional settlement tables for non-pecuniary damage). In the matter of compensation for damage from a fatal accident in the workplace, we support the heirs and relatives of the deceased worker in the hole and articulate claims for compensation for all damages suffered, pecuniary and non-pecuniary, iure hereditatis and iure proprio, for death at work.