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If you or a member of your family have been involved in a car accident, you are clearly worrying about getting the compensation for damages you are entitled to.

It should be a fair compensation compared to what happened, and this means that the compensation amount must be as high as possible in light of the circumstances of the case, whether it is the so-called “Whiplash” or the fatal accident.

However, it is not always easy to be able to obtain a truly adequate compensation, also because the Insurance Companies – which, as is well known, are not charities – tend to settle road accidents with the minimum possible outlay.

Here is the importance of contacting a qualified Law Firm, which knows how to navigate the maze of the legislation on “motor vehicle civil liability”, and is able to give evidence and obtain a fair compensation for all possible items of damage.

Our Professionals know the road accident sector in Italy very well, because they have been working in it every day – and successfully – for more than 20 years.

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Compensation for damage in road accidents

By way of example, here are some of the main and most frequent items of damage to keep in mind when it comes to getting compensation from a road accident:

  • damage to the vehicle;
  • damage from technical standstill of the vehicle;
  • non-pecuniary damage, in its components of:
    • physical damage;
    • biological damage;
    • moral damage;
    • existential damage;
    • cosmetic damage;
  • reflex damage;
  • damage from loss of income (so-called “loss of profit”);
  • damage from “loss of chances“.

Every single item or category of damage must be identified, evaluated and documented, otherwise the Insurance Company will not liquidate it.

Road accidents with “direct compensation”

In Italy, some road accidents fall under the so-called “direct compensation procedure“.

This is a mechanism governed by Articles 149 and 150 of the italian “private insurance code”, and by the “C.A.R.D.” (which is a Convention between Insurers for Direct Compensation. In a nutshell, this procedure applies to road accidents:

  • in which only two vehicles are involved;
  • equipped with a plate;
  • registered in Italy;
  • with damage to property;
  • with any personal injury not exceeding 9% permanent biological damage.

Since this procedure is rather complex, it is important to be followed in the settlement by a lawyer experienced in the field of road accidents.

Only in this way you can avoid the risk of being liquidated by your insurance, as unfortunately often happens, an amount that is reduced compared to the actual amount of damages.

With our help you will be able to obtain full and exhaustive compensation for the damage suffered due to a road accident.

All you need to know in the event of a road accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, always remember that:

  1. You are entitled to compensation even if the responsible vehicle was not insured, or the Company went bankrupt, or it was a stolen vehicle, or it was still not possible to identify it; in these cases, in fact, the Guarantee Fund for Road Victims intervenes;
  2. Pedestrians and cyclists often fall victim to carelessness or lack of respect on the part of motorists; also for them we obtain full compensation for damages;
  3. The Third Party Transported on a vehicle always has the right to be compensated for damage suffered as a result of a road accident, even if he did not comply with the rules of the traffic laws (for example, because he was not wearing a seat belt).

We have followed and successfully concluded many cases of:

  • compensation for fatal road accidents;
  • compensation for an accident with serious or very serious injuries;
  • compensation for oncoming lane invasion;
  • compensation for a head-on collision between vehicles;
  • compensation for rear-end or maxi-infill;
  • compensation for road accident without collision between vehicles;
  • compensation for motorcycle accident.

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