A project dedicated to companies


DEDIMPRESA is a project that Professionals, aware of the needs of the business world, created and developed for those issues that need to be addressed from a multi-disciplinary perspective. This is in order to assess the relevance of their heterogeneous profiles and ensure their effective and efficient resolution.

It is, therefore, a project dedicated to companies because it is aimed at ensuring the Client a unified and comprehensive service from both legal and economic perspectives.

From this website, the section on Credit Protection is now accessible. This section is dedicated to the planning and implementation of the recovery of uncollected receivables. There is also a Labour and Social Welfare section, which is dedicated to advice on employment law, in addition to a “Client Area” from where customers can, in real-time, access their computer files.

We sort out Your uncollected receivables

Credit management is a strategic task in every company because it generates cash flow, in other words liquidity, which is necessary for businesses to operate, develop and prosper.

The planning and implementation of the recovery of uncollected receivables is essential for obvious reasons that are related to the accuracy of the budget of any business, as well as for the relevant tax implications related to the assessment of credit loss.

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Your labour matters, our priority

Legal advice in the fields of labour and social welfare must consider the management of litigation, both in and out of court, concerning the relationship with workers and social security agencies.

The focus of our work is, however, in the attention devoted to the prevention of disputes, and – more broadly – in the search for the best operational solution that meets the needs of the Client.

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