Legal advice on family and minors’ law

Family Law

The Firm handles all aspects of family law, with particular reference to the procedures – consensual or judicial – for the resolution of marital crisis (separation and divorce), and parental responsibility for a failure to fulfil obligations towards their children. In most conflicting procedures, when separations and divorces also raise profiles – sometimes serious – of criminal relevance, the Firm assists the Clients involved as offended, accused or suspected persons, also with the support of professional qualifications: psychiatrists, forensic doctors, psychologists and criminologists.

Our professional service tries, in family matters, to go beyond the traditional role of assistance to taking a role of mediating, safeguarding emotional aspects underlying the case and protecting the fundamental interests of the child. We always try, in the practice of family law, to “empower” the Customer who is the protagonist of the family crisis, dissuading him from free intentions aimed at damaging the other party and discouraging requests that we consider prejudicial towards the children. We aim to safeguard, in every context, the principle of two parents, in order to allow minors to maintain a balanced and continuous relationship with both parental figures.

Our Professionals have also gained significant experience in the preparation of family agreements resulting in the transfer of the company or equity to descendents. This prevents possible disputes in the inheritance, avoiding the break-up of the company and ensuring continuity of management.

Minor Law

Along with the standard activities in the field of family law, Chiarini Law Firm can assist in promoting the best interests of children, allowing them to exercise their rights in procedures affecting them, to receive relevant information, to express their views freely and to ensure that this is taken into due consideration. This is in accordance to the European Convention on the Rights of the Child (signed in Strasbourg on January 25, 1996).

In this context, the Firm provides assistance and representation for the child, both where he is supposed to only be heard by the Court, and where he is obliged to act, oppose or intervene in Court, thus becoming part of the case.