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Pesaro Urbino Branch

Via Della Rocchetta n. 2 – 61029 Urbino (PU)
Telefono +39 0722 350610 – Fax +39 0722 327246

Chieti Branch

Via Colonnetta n. 106 – 66100 Chieti (CH)
Telefono e Fax +39 0871 563451

The head office of Chiarini Law Firm which is in Urbino was opened at the start of the 1990’s in a prestigious building in the heart of the historic town centre. In 2001 it was moved outside the city walls, providing greater ease of access for our Clients as well as giving our Professionals the opportunity to benefit from a large, modern and functional structure, located a stone’s throw from the law courts.

In July 2003, we gladly realised the demand from a growing clientele based in Abruzzo and, in light of the strong emotional bond between our senior partner and his native city, the firm opened a branch in Chieti. The location, a short distance from the law courts of Chieti and Pescara, permits us to easily conduct legal assistance and defence in the precincts of both provinces.

We work every day to advise, defend and assist our Clients all over the national territory

Chiarini Law Firm is always open to evaluate nominations for internship or professional partnership.