Our Legal Services

Assistance and Integrated Services

Chiarini Law Firm offers assistance and integrated services in the main fields of legal science. This is thanks to: the support of Professionals within the firm, a set of consultants with proven experience in their field of specialization, and a network of correspondents nationally.

Each case is treated in a multi-disciplinary way, involving joint analysis by a diverse group of Professionals equipped with the skills needed to provide a service dedicated to excellence. This is in order to manage and resolve matters in the shortest time possible and with the best possible result whatever the type of problem the Client is facing.

The aim is to enable Clients to form a clear and comprehensive view of the legal variables that affect cases in their interest, involving them in the decision making process to clearly identify and implement the most rapid and effective response to their needs.

Our main Legal Services

Other Legal Services

Administrative Law

In the field of administrative law, the Professionals within the Firm provide advice and assistance to individuals and Institutions in the fields of urban planning, construction, public procurement, expropriation and, in general, of the relationships arising from agreements, concords or contracts between the citizen and Public Administrations.

We have achieved significant experience in litigation, challenging administrative acts in the jurisdiction of the Regional Administrative Courts (T.A.R.) and the State Council.

Commercial Law

In the fields of ​​commercial and corporate law, the Firm, – along with the assistance of external Professionals that have the necessary notarial, fiscal and tributary skills – looks after company formation, the drafting of shareholder agreements and other pacts, company leasing and sale, merges, demergers and acquisitions.
Relevant experience was gained with litigations concerning the relationship between shareholders, directors and auditors as well as in the field of bankruptcy claw-backs.

We also assist, with specific expertise, companies in civil and arbitration litigation relating to the following types of disputes:
– liability actions against directors and auditors;
litigation with employees or the network of agents;
– business contracts;
debt recovery and credit protection.
The Firm also offers assistance and advice to businessmen in terms of generational handover, identifying the most appropriate legal instrument to achieve a balanced transfer of the company or equity to descendents. This prevents possible disputes in the inheritance, avoiding the break-up of the company and ensuring continuity of management.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Law

Chiarini Law Firm provides advice and assistance with insolvency proceedings, also assisting businesses in choosing the most appropriate legal instrument through which they can manage the crisis (recovery plans pursuant to Italian art. 67 of Bankruptcy Law, restructuring agreements pursuant to Italian art. 182 bis of Bankruptcy Law, proposals for arrangements with creditors).

The firm provides assistance and advice to liquidation authorities with regard to pending juridical relations, the preparation of recovery plans, the sale of goods, the proposals for arrangements with creditors, as well as the contracts with which these plans are implemented. Also relevant is our experience accumulated in the field of exercising claw-back, damage and liability claims related to insolvency proceedings.

Real Estate Law

The Firm provides advice in the field of real estate trading and provides judicial assistance aimed at protecting – also for urgent matters – material rights regarding real estate assets.

Our judicial experience is significant in the areas of division of common properties, adverse possession, tenancy law and condominium disputes.

Criminal Law

The Professionals in the Firm provide legal assistance for any criminal offense involving its Clients wherein they are suspects, accused or victims (even in the drafting stage of criminal complaints, suits and petitions to the Judicial Authority, and in the possibility to sue for civil injury).
Significant experience has been accumulated in the area of defence investigation, as well as in the field of criminal business law, crimes against the public administration, against the person and against the property.

Together with the assistance of the criminal lawyer, when necessary, the Firm relies on the collaboration of experts and consultants (criminologists, forensic psychiatrists, psychologists, engineers, forensic doctors and/or medical examiners, etc.) in the disciplines respectively concerned by the criminal offense.
In terms of proceedings related to medical negligence, the department of criminal law works in conjunction with the department of medical liability, advising and defending doctors and health care professionals wrongly accused of negligence.

Succession Law

The Firm assists its Clients with all issues related to succession, with special focus on counselling for the drafting of wills and agreements aimed at transferring, between family members, the entire company or only company shares.

In Court, our experience is relevant with regards to hereditary divisions, complaints for nullity or annulment of a will, and with regards to reduction actions, instrumental in the reinstatement of the share of the inheritance payable to the heirs. The Firm also looks after the compilation and submission of declarations of succession, as well as all related and consequential formalities.

Tax Law

In the area of tax law, Chiarini Law Firm looks after the representation and defence of the taxpayer before administrative bodies and in all kinds of Courts (tax commissions, ordinary and administrative courts). The Firm assists Clients in the formulation of queries, requests for a hearing and participation in the process of disputes settlement concessions with tax authorities (tax settlement, judicial settlement, etc.).

The services offered also include the drafting of opinions in all areas of tax law, substantive and procedural, as well as advice regarding the tax profile related to corporate and commercial activities, to individual activities and to real estate.