Best representation in civil, criminal or disciplinary trials, for Practitioners or Nurses

Doctors and Nurses Wrongfully Accused of Malpractice

Statistically speaking, it is very frequent that a Healthcare Operator may be involved in a matter – judicial or extrajudicial – relating to a charge of negligence, inexperience, imprudence, non-compliance with laws, regulations, orders, disciplines. Whether you have received a request for compensation, a notice of initiation of the disciplinary procedure or – worse – a guarantee information, you still need help, to defend yourself promptly and effectively.

We take care of providing Doctors and Nurses with all the necessary assistance, both in civil matters (for the economic-compensatory and insurance aspects), and in the disciplinary context (in relation to any proceedings instituted by the respective Orders and Colleges to which they belong), both in criminal matters (from the preliminary investigation phase to the defense in the trial).

Have you been falsely accused of malpractice?

You are entitled to the best defense

It is increasingly widespread the phenomenon of the so-called “frivolous litigation“, that is to say the reprehensible practice of instituting claims relating to futile prejudices, not supported by an adequate forensic examination or with purely speculative purposes.

The involvement of the Healthcare Operator in a dispute, in itself, represents a sanction inflicted before the judgment, due to the inevitable detrimental consequences that immediately occur on the economic and insurance level, as well as on the emotional one. For this reason, in the face of a civil, disciplinary or criminal proceeding, it is necessary to ensure the best defense available.

Our Professionals have gained extensive experience in the medical-health responsibility area, including in the context of university and extra-university teaching activities, and have achieved important successes in the defense of doctors and nurses unjustly accused of malpractice.

How we defend Doctors and Nurses unjustly accused

Faced with a request for compensation, a notice of initiation of disciplinary proceedings or a notice of guarantee, the Healthcare Operator first of all needs to be informed on the legal significance of what is happening and to promptly organize his defense. To allow us to evaluate your case, it is necessary that you send us a concise description of the matter, accompanied by the considerations and documentation that you consider useful, also indicating whether you have your consultants or prefer to use our trustees.

It is understood that – referring in the event of professional responsibility – it is a duty that the Forensic Doctor requests the association with a Colleague with proven experience and competence in the discipline involved. We will contact you as soon as possible (usually within the next 24 hours) to provide you with initial technical information and jointly evaluate the opportunity to arrange a meeting at one of our offices.

How much our defense of Doctors and Nurses costs

You can contact us with extreme serenity: do not assume any financial commitment by exposing a case to us and sending us all the documentation necessary for the evaluation of the affair.

In general, if the Healthcare Operator’s insurance policy contemplates the so-called “Judicial protection”, our compensation is paid directly by the insurance company. In civil proceedings, pursuant to the Italian Code of Civil Procedure, with the judgment declaring the action taken unfounded, the Judge must order the unsuccessful party to reimburse the costs in favor of the other party, liquidating the amount together with the defense fees.

In criminal matters, national collective agreement and company regulations generally provide that, in the event of acquittal, the charges of the defense of doctors and nurses remain with the health Authority. The rates applied by the Firm comply with the parameters for the payment of fees in force at the time. The determination of the fees takes into account the nature and value of the dispute, the importance and number of issues dealt with, as well as the degree of the Jurisdictional Authority referred to. The main parameter of reference is, in any case, constituted by the result of the judgment and the advantages obtained, given that customer satisfaction is the best measure of the value of the professional work.

Are you a Doctor or a Nurse wrongfully accused of negligence?