Our Method

Your satisfaction is our real success

In order to ensure maximum transparency on our services and associated costs, the Firm tends to indicate to the Client in advance – even when there is the absence of an outright request – of the estimated amount due for services performed. This is subject to the inevitable uncertainty faced regarding the duration of the litigation.

We offer the possibility of personalized remuneration options (e.g. lump sum payments for continual service, hourly rates). The rates used by the Firm conform to the parameters determined by the Ministerial Decree currently applicable.

In determining our fees, we take into account the nature and value of the dispute, the substance and number of matters involved, the virtue of the work we provide, any required urgency of the service and – for cases involving judicial services – the status of the competent court. The main benchmark is, however, defined by the results and benefits achieved, given that Client satisfaction is for us the best measure of the quality of our professional service.

The cost of our services in relation to Credit Protection can be found in the relevant section of the DEDIMPRESA project.