Employment Law

Legal advice on Labor Law and Social Security

Labour Law and Social Security

Our services in matters related to labour law, social security and trade unions are directed primarily – although not exclusively – to employers. The Firm looks after the settlement of disputes related to individual and collective dismissals, transfers, management of employee illness, fixed-term employment contracts, the distinction between employment and self-employment, disciplinary action, damage to reputation, and assessment reports prepared by inspection bodies.

The activity of the Firm, however, is not only limited to litigation management in and out of court. Special attention, in fact, is dedicated to the prevention of disputes, and – more generally – in search of the best strategic solutions to meet the needs of the Client.
Our Firm looks after, in this context, the drafting of employment contracts (managers,
fixed-term, project collaborations, coordinated and continuous collaborations, professional sportspeople, agents) and tender contracts.
With respect to agency contracts, special attention is paid to Collective Economic Agreements and redundancy payoffs, which are the subjects of an increasing number of litigations.

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