Credit Protection

Legal Advice on Credit Protection

Credit Protection

Credit protection is part of a wider project, devoted primarily to companies, aimed at ensuring the Client a unified and comprehensive service, not only concerning law, but also economically and financially.

The planning and implementation of the collection of incorrect credits represents as an essential requirement for many businesses, for obvious reasons related to both liquidity and budgetary accuracy.
Even if not (fully) satisfactory, the action aimed at the recovery of debt proves to be highly beneficial in relation to the tax benefit that the company derives from the assessment of the bad debt. This opens the possibility of obtaining considerable savings in direct and indirect taxes.

Legal services in this area – carried out in continuous synergy with the company’s tax advisor and credit manager, and when necessary making use of assistance from investigation agencies – seek to obtain the maximum benefit for the Client, retrieving credit in its entirety, in addition to legal fees and interest on late payments.

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