Our Method

Our rules – Your guarantee

All Professionals of the Firm – aware of the ethical duty and responsibility that characterize the legal profession – adhere strictly to these ten fundamental rules:

  1. We are aware that the Client is an individual with unique needs and characteristics
  2. We respect the dignity of the Client as a person, with their own rights and their specific difficulties
  3. We want to listen in order to understand the reason for which the Client turns to us. We assume his problem is our problem
  4. We intend to establish a direct relationship with the Client, based on a communicative and empathic relationship, strongly oriented towards his benefit
  5. We commit our resources to professional updating and in depth studies, with the intent to provide efficient and effective services, suitable to solve specific problems
  6. We hope that what the Client receives from us is something beyond expectation
  7. We assist Client growth to maturity, showing him not only the objectives to be pursued but also the tools to be used for this purpose.
  8. We aim to provide easily accessible services to the Client, based on transparency, fairness and courtesy
  9. We promote and support the ethics of the legal profession in every area of interest in which we operate
  10. We believe that Customer satisfaction defines our real success