What is it?

Dedimpresa Project

WHAT advising on labour and social welfare entails

Our services in the field of labour and social security law mainly concern the following expertises.

Drafting of contracts

• Drafting of employment contracts for each category of employees (managers, senior staff, white collar workers, blue collar workers, fixed-term contracts, project collaborations, coordinated and continuous collaborations, professional sportspeople);
• Drafting of particular clauses, such as agreements for non-competition, confidentiality, secrecy, stability;
• Drafting of company regulations which contain the parameters to manage working relationships;
• Drafting of disciplinary codes;
• Drafting of agency contracts;
• Drafting of tender contracts.

Relationship and disciplinary proceedings management

• Application of disciplinary measures;
• Transfers, change in duties and other conditions of the employment contract;
• Individual and collective redundancies;
• Procedures to manage confidentiality, the use of information technology tools and e-mail.

Trade Union Law

• Negotiation of company collective agreements;
• Interpretation of collective agreements;
• Participation in trade union negotiations;
• Assistance with the preparation of negotiation and management strategies;
• Procedures for consultation and information;
• Aspects of labour and trade union law in relation to the restructuring.

Transfer of the Business

• Due diligence with aspects regarding employment law, agency contracts, trade union law and the allocation of wages for tax and other contributions;
• Planning of labour law aspects that pertain to mergers and acquisitions;
• Collective redundancies, C.I.G.S. and mobility procedures.