How much it costs

Dedimpresa Project

COSTS for consulting on labour and social welfare matters

In order to enable our Clients to adequately plan their activities, each professional service that is to be carried out – both in the cases of extra-judicial advice or legal assistance in court – is generally preceded by the preparation of a quote, based on the expected workload required.

In any case, the rates that are applied are those determined by the applicable Ministerial Decree. In determining our fees we take into account the nature and value of the dispute, the importance and number of matters involved as well as the status of the competent court. The main benchmark is, however, defined by the results of our activities and the benefits achieved, given that Client satisfaction is for us the best measure of the quality of our professional service.

We also offer the opportunity for Clients to enter into agreements for the provision of a continual service that can be suited to the particular needs of any business and ensure consistent cost savings. The fees associated with the professional services provided for consultancy on labour and social welfare matters are, however, deductible from the company’s income as they are part of the operating expenses.